On November 24 she took part as great perfomer to the “Grande Concerto Lirico”, organised by the G.Verdi society of Lugo, at its multi-purpose hall, achieveing rosounding outcome from both audience and critics. Attilia Tartagni in her review, shows grat appreciacion by writing: “Mezzosoprano Cristina Guarino combines her innate thetrical ability with her consolidated professionalism in the roles of the gipsy “Azucena”, “Carmen” and “Dalila”,emblematic example of feminine seduction which she makes it her own. The aria “Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix”, by Camille Saint-Saens from “Samson et Dalila” is the cheval de bataille for mezzosopranos, it’s the manifesto of a love that the woman doesn’t really feel and its bound to dominate and destroy the biblical hero, an irrisistible and fatal chant just like the one of the Sirens of the “Odissey”, and thats exaclty how Guarino made it.” The San Rocco Lyryc Choir of Bologna, directed by M° Marialuce Monari , took part among other artists. Piano accompaniment by M° Kaori Suzuki. Hosted by Franscesca Frascari.
On march, 27 she achieved resounding success at the Claudio Abbado Municipal Theatre of Ferrara, during the Recital Opera Event “Diritti all’Opera” organized by ADO Association of Ferrara in collaboration with the UN’s United Planet Foundation. In the recital, the various pieces of lyrical repertoire were intertwined by the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, emblematically represented by 30 children. On stage were the sopranos, Yulia Merkudinova, Omo Bello and the Mezzosoprano Cristina Guarino who performed the famous arias “Stride la vampa” by G.Verdi, “Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix” by C.Saint- Saens, “ Acerba voluttà’” by F.Cilea, “Voi lo sapete o mamma” by P.Mascagni, ”Habanera” by Bizet. Grand finale with “Brindisi” from Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata performed by the three singers together, with huge success and enthusiasm from the audience. M°Simonetta Tancredi at the piano. Direction and narrative voice by Ivan Suen.

On July, 5 still during the show “Notturni in musica alla Corte della Duchessa”, in the historical garden of the ROYAL PALACE of COLORNO in PARMA, she performed the role of MAMMA LUCIA in P.Mascagni’s CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, obtaining a remarkable outcome from audience and critics. Other performes: Santuzza Ille Saar , Turiddu Andrea Bianchi, Alfio Marco Danieli, Lola Angela Gandolfo. Quadriclavio Choir and CITY OF FERRARA ORCHESTRA both directed by Conductor M.o LORENZO BIZZARRI. Direction by EDDY LOVAGLIO.
On June, 29 during the show “Notturni in musica alla Corte della Duchessa”, in the historical garden of the ROYAL PALACE of COLORNO, she performed the role of AZUCENA in G. Verdi’s IL TROVATORE, achieving big success of audience and critics. Other performes: Leonora Daria Masiero, Manrico Orfeo Zanetti, Ferrando Dante Roberto Muro, Ines Antonella di Giacinto , Ruiz Giuseppe di Giacinto. Parma’s Opera Choir, directed by M° Emiliano Esposito. CITY OF FERRARA ORCHESTRA directed by Conductor M.o LORENZO BIZZARRI. Direction by EDDY LOVAGLIO.

On December 10, as a result of the huge success of audicence and critics for the performance in the role of Fenena at Rossini Theatre in Lugo di Romagna (RA), she was invited to sing at an important OPERA CONCERT EVENT at the municipal polyvalent hall in BAGNARA di ROMAGNA, for the conferment of the 36th MASCAGNI D’ORO award that for the current edition, was assigned to the baritone Alberto Mastromarino by the Mascagnano Committee under the auspecies of the town of Bagnara. On the stage of Bagnara’s municipal polyvalent hall, next to the awarded one,the soprano Anna Valdetarra, the mezzosoprano Cristina Guarino and the tenor Giorgio Caruso, accompanied by M.o Enrico Zucca at the piano. The Event was presented by Matia Galli. The critic review writes: Very appreciated was Cristina Guarino, able to understand the dramatic character of Azucena in Verdi’s Trovatore as well the irresistible and seductive Dalila in “Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix” mezzosopranos favourite sublime aria by Saint-Saens.
On November 12, she performed the role of FENENA in Giuseppe Verdi’s NABUCCO at the ROSSINI THEATRE in LUGO (RA) with the CITY OF FERRARA ORCHESTRA, directed by Conductor M.o LORENZO BIZZARRI, with the collaboration of San Rocco Choir of Bologna conducted by M.o Marialuce Monari and the direction of ALBERTO UMBRELLA. Other interpreters: Andrea Zese in the role of Nabucco, Francesco Ellero D’Artegna in the role of Zaccaria, Raffaella Battistini in the role of Abigaille, Gianni Leccese in the role of Ismaele, Chiara Mazzei in the role of Anna, Lorenzo Malagola Barbieri in the role of the High Priest and Paolo Gabellini in the role of Abdallo.
On April 25, she performed the role of MAMMA LUCIA at the BONCI THEATRE CESENA, in Mascagni’s CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA, conducted by Conductor FRANCESCO DI MAURO, together with the CITY OF FERRARA ORCHESTRA and directed by internationally known GIAMMARIA ROMAGNOLI. The event involved the participation of the MARIA CALLA CHOIR (City of Cesena) directed by Maestro Lorenzo Bizzarri and the well know professional actress Elina Nanna; at the beginning of the opera, Nanna acted the desperation of Santuzza performing an independent written work based on the narration of the Verga’s novel, of the same name. The text had been written and edited by the critic and musicologist Maestro Edoardo Farina. The role of Santuzza was played by Raffaella Battistini, Turiddu by Leonardo Gramegna, Alfio by Omar Camata and Lola by Giulia Tenuta. Huge success for the whole cast and thunderous applauses from the audience.

From 2015 to 2016 she was frequently invited to sing for several music associations and festivals in the main Verdian and drama mezzosoprano roles, in Italy and overseas.

In 2014 she took part to the Giuseppe Verdi’s NABUCCO, in the role of Fenena and participated to various concerts in Italy.

November 25 the Association ADO of Ferrara (Oncology home care) honoured Giuseppe Verdi at the FERRARA COMUNALE THEATRE in the big Opera Concert “Tribute to G.Verdi” in the Bicentennial of his birth. The event started off the project of the “Relief House”, a structure that provides free assistance to people affected by ALS in the ferrarese territory. The Concert hosted some of the greatest artists of the international lyric panoama such as the mezzosoprano Cristina Guarino , performing with deep intensity and drama the role of Azucena in the main arias and gaining a huge success and aand various standnig ovations by the audience and the cristics. Many applauses and ovations were as well for the artists siging together in the famous quartet of Rigoletto “Bella figlia dell’amore” and Brindisi from the TRAVIATA. The Artists were accompanied by the SANREMO SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA and by the CITY OF FERRARA ORCHESTRA, both directed by the M.o STEFANO ROMANI and by the Santo Spirito Choir directed by the M.o Francesco Pinamonti. Guest star famous italian actor Enzo Decaro.
In july and august she will be engaged in the ITALIAN Tour of AIDA G.Verdi (as Amneris) and again in the OPERA GALA for the BICENTENNIAL of the BIRTH of GIUSEPPE VERDI withe the great CHERNIVTSI PHILARMONIC SOCIETY ORCHESTRA direceted by the CONDUCTORS: M.o YOSYPH SOZANSKYY, M.o SUSANNA PESCETTI, and M.o LORENZO CASTRIOTA for AIDA G.Verdi for the CASAMARI LIRIC FESTIVAL (Frosinone).
On 22nd and 23rd february and on 1st march she is engaged in a Tour in Italy, for the BICENTENNIAL of the birth of GIUSEPPE VERDI: the OPERA GALA that took place in Barletta CURCI THEATRE, Padua GEOX THEATRE and Fasano (Brindisi) KENNEDY THEATRE with a WORLD FAMOUS CAST such as the Great Soprano FRANCESCA PATANE’, the Tenor PAOLO ANTOGNETTI, the Mezzosoprano CRISTINA GUARINO, the Baritone MARCO CHINGARI and the Soprano LARISSA YUDINA. The whole Cast was magistrally accompanied by the CHERNIVTSI PHILARMONIC SOCIETY ORCHESTRA together with the TRAETTA OPERA CHOIR direceted by The Maestro YOSYPH SOZANSKYY in Barletta and Fasano and by the RIMINI OPERA CHOIR in Padua. Three Events that obtained a huge audience approval and copious standing ovations, in particular for Cristina Guarino at the GEOX THEATRE in PADUA after performing the aria “Condotta ell’era in ceppi”, the well-known story of Azucena (IL TROVATORE G.Verdi). Cristina Guarino was also praised by the critics as one of the Best Verdian Performers.

On 20 November, at the ROSSINI THEATRE – Lugo di Romagna (RA), she played the role of ULRICA in the opera UN BALLO IN MASCHERA (G.Verdi) – Orchestra Conductor Maestro FABRIZIO MILANI – getting great success and standing ovations from both audience and critics.
On 21 July she sang at VILLA BOLASCO in Castelfranco Veneto featuring Tenor, Soprano and Baritone, in a verdian concert for the 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE ITALIAN UNIT. Concert for orchestra, solos and choir, accompanied by the DONETSK NATIONAL ORCHESTRA and the LYRIC CHOIR OF S.GIOVANNI – Verona; Orchestra Conductor – Maestro MAFFEO SCARPIS.
On 6 March, at the “Ridotto” of the FERRARA COMUNALE THEATRE, she sang arias and duets in a lyric concert for mezzosoprano and tenor. Lyric pieces from the following operas: Un ballo in maschera – G.Verdi (Ulrica) Il Trovatore – G.Verdi (Azucena) Aida – G.Verdi (Amneris) Samson et Dalila – C.S.Saens (Dalila) Adriana Lecouvreur – Cilea (Princess of Bouillon) Carmen – Bizet (Carmen) Piano accompaniment by Maestro Fabrizio Milani.

Worked abroad for Couvert in the Verdian Roles of Azucena, Ulrica and Amneris.
Once again Guest Singer, she acted the role of ZITA in GIANNI SCHICCHI by G.Puccini set in TRIPCOVICH HALL TRIESTE. She held, moreover, a Lyric Recital for the 2009 Concert Season OPERA E DINTORNI by the “Amici della Musica G.Frescobaldi” in collaboration with FERRARA COMUNALE THEATRE, singing areas from: UN BALLO IN MASCHERA by G.Verdi (Ulrica), IL TROVATORE by G.Verdi (Azucena), DON CARLO by G.Verdi (Eboli), ADRIANA LECOUVREUR by Cilea (Princess of Bouillon), SAMSON ET DALILA by C.S.Saens (Dalila), CAVALLERIA RISTICANA by Mascagni (Santuzza) and CARMEN by Bizet, accompanied at the piano by Nadia Fanzaga.

She worked abroad, in many Opera Productions in the main Verdian and drama mezzosoprano Roles and Lyric Concerts, such as the Lyric Concert at the COMUNALE THEATRE FERRARA, accompanied at the piano by Micaela Tiozzo; Subsequently invited to sing at the ALIGHIERI THEATRE RAVENNA, together with international famous Artists, for the “Gala della Voce”, on occasion of the International Conference of Speech Therapy “LA VOCE ARTISTICA” by doctor Franco Fussi. Concert presented by Michele Mirabella. Piano accompaniment by Sabrina Avantatio, Roberta Ropa, flute Francesca Canali.

She received the Career NARNIA AWARD at the NARNI OPERA FESTIVAL, as emerging Verdian Mezzosoprano in the lyric panorama on the occasion of the Lyric Simphonic Concert “Theatre for the life”: a charity evening to support the “Save the children” project about Ethiopian issue, in which she sang arias from the Verdi Repertoire together with other famous Artists. The concert was accompanied by the PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA and CHOIR of Timisoara, directed by Maestro FRANCESCO CHIRIVI’. The event was presented by Ramona Badescu. Invited to sing, as Italian Guest Singer in South Korea in an important Tour to act in the Role of AZUCENA. During the Opening Show of IL TROVATORE by G.Verdi, at the GWANGJU OPERA THEATRE (South Korea), she collects the great enthusiasm of the Korean audience. The same enthusiasm waits for her in the following recitals of the Tour, collecting the important approbation of the Korean critics, for her stage musical interpretation of the Role and for her mezzosoprano drama voice that gave its best in the character of Azucena. Again in the AZUCENA Role in Italy in IL TROVATORE by G.Verdi, at the ROSSINI THEATRE LUGO DI ROMAGNA (RA), under the direction of Maestro Fabrizio Milani.

Born in Trieste, she made her debut at a very young age at the GIUSEPPE VERDI THEATRE TRIESTE, in J.Strauss’ WIENER BLUT, directed by Maestro UWE THEIMER with the Director FILIPPO CRIVELLI, in the role of Lisi and in WERTHER by Massenet in the role of Katchen, directed by Maestro TIZIANO SEVERINI with the Director FAUSTO COSENTINO. After finishing her studies and singing improvement, she began her Career in Italy and abroad in different Theatres e Festivals, collecting a great approval from the audience and the critics in her debuts as Main character in the following Operas: IL TROVATORE by G.Verdi (Azucena), NABUCCO di G.Verdi (Fenena), AIDA by G.Verdi (Amneris), UN BALLO IN MASCHERA by G.Verdi (Ulrica), MESSA DA REQUIEM by G.Verdi; moreover, she acted in the main roles of the followiing Works : ADRIANA LECOUVREUR by Cilea (Princess of Bouillon) and CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA by Mascagni. Extremely appreciated for her musicality, her drama voice and for her tipically verdian temperament by many Conductors and Directors, both in Italy and Abroad, such as: Maestro RONALD SHAIDER Conductor at the Wiener Staatsoper, Maestro Marko Letonja Conductor in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and under the Direction of Maestro Leone Magiera in Concert Productions at the FERRARA COMUNALE THEATRE and in Modena. Work in different collaborations with many Conductor: M.o NICOLO’ PERTOT, M.o FABRIZIO MILANI, M.o FRANCESCO CHIRIVI’, M.o MAFFEO SCARPIS, M.o SOZANSKYY con l’ORCHESTRA CHERNIVTSI PHILARMONIC SOCIETY al TEATRO CURCI di Barletta e al TEATRO KENNEDY, M.o SUSANNA PESCETTI, M.o LORENZO CASTRIOTA, M.o STEFANO ROMANI, M.o FRANCESCO DI MAURO, M.o LORENZO BIZZARRI. Work in different collaborations with many Directors: FAUSTO COSENTINO, FILIPPO CRIVELLI , BEPPE DE TOMASI, GIAMMARIA ROMAGNOLI, ALBERTO UMBRELLA, EDDY LOVAGLIO and works in collaboration with Mrs MARTA LANTIERI well-kwown International Director of Wiener Staatsoper. She sang in Worldwide vision for the Vatican the MISSA SOLEMNIS by STELVIO CIPRIANI, Directed by Maestro Cipriani himself with Parma’s ARTURO TOSCANINI FOUNDATION CHOIR and ORCHESTRA.
She recorded for RAI Arias from the Opera Repertoire, beside she recorded arias for the Slovenian Television accompanied by the LABACENSIS ORCHESTRA OF LJUBLJANA (Slovenia).
She has a notable Concert Activity in Italy and Abroad in different Theatres, Prestigious Halls and Music Associations, where she works close to many Conductors. She was invitated to hold an important Recital at the MARIBOR OPERA THEATRE (Slovenia); she was subsequently engaged in a Lyric Concert on the occasion of the “Notte Bianca” at the Rome OPERA THEATRE and again in Rome for a LYRIC CONCERT at the VIMINALE, accompanied at the piano by the Maestro SERGIO LA STELLA.
High School Diploma with specialization in teacher training.

Academy of Basel (Switzerland) with Maestro Kurt Widmer
Worgl’s Academia Vocalis Tirolensis (Austria) with Maestro Kurt Widmer
Academy of Ljubljana with Eva Novsak (Slovenia)
International Lyric Academy “Katia Ricciarelli” in Parma
Mozarteum Salzburg (Austria) with Maestro Elio Battaglia

MYTHOS COURSE for Verdian Solo Singers promoted by the Arturo Toscanini Foundation, Parma, releasing:

by the Emilia-Romagna
Region by the ARTURO TOSCANINI FOUNDATION of Parma for the High Level Training and High Level Work

Description of the Lyric Singing Studies:
She studied and improved Lyric Singing with the following Famous Masters: Maestro Campogalliani, Mrs Rina Malatrasi, Mrs Fedora Barbieri, Maestro Pola and Maestro Billard.
She improved her skills with Maestro Elio Battaglia at the Salzburg Mozarteum (Austria), with Maestro Kurt Widmer at the Academy of Basel (Switzerland) and at the Worgel’s Academia Vocalis Tirolensis (Austria), with Mrs Eva Novsak Mezzosoprano at the Academy of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and at the International Lyric Academy “Katia Ricciarelli” in Parma.
She attended a High Improvement Internship in Busseto as parto of the Mythos Course of the Parma’s Arturo Toscanini Foundation with: Renato Bruson, Virginia Zeani, Leo Nucci, Placido Domingo and Stage Art with Beppe De Tomasi. She prepared music scores together with Conductor Nicolo’ Pertot.

Winner of “Gian Battista Velluti” Intenational Contest in Dolo (Venice)
“MYTHOS” International Contest announced by the EU and by Emilia Romagna Region for a Superior Training Course for Verdian Solo Singers, promoted by the ARTURO TOSCANINI FOUNDATION of Parma
the First International Liric Contest MSC of “Bel Canto”

Finalist at the following International Contests: Viotti (Vercelli), Zandonai (Rovereto), Iris Adami Corradetti (Padova).